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I’m Anna and I help busy, ambitious women like you earn more, achieve more and have more.

I spent almost 10 years climbing the corporate ladder, often feeling lost and puzzled about how successful people managed both the office politics and planned their next steps, while also handling a demanding job.

Over the years, I figured out a system to propel my career upwards and onwards, landing me regular promotions, amazing raises, full bonus pay-outs and an international opportunity halfway across the world.

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Anna will help you untangle those knots in your brain, make you believe you can do it and have your back every step of the way.

Kax, Barcelona Product Manager

Anna helped me figure out what I wanted and WHY, which helped me completely pivot my career and land me a job I love!

Ewelina, Stockholm Financial Specialist

Working with Anna brought so many positive changes in my career and life. It is by far the most important and meaningful investment I have made in myself.

Dana, Manila Product Manager