Cracking the Career Code

Your Private, Tailor-Made 1:1 Career Coaching Program

They say it’s never been a better time to be a professional woman.

We have rights, we have benefits and companies seem to be making more of an effort when it comes to diversity (even if it’s just for optics…).

So why is the Equal Pay Gap and other statistics showing a stagnation or even decline when it comes to women blazing up the career ladder?

Because it’s still hard. And for a lot of us – lonely.

Based on my own journey as an ambitious career climber for 10 years in media and technology companies along with the conversations that came with other women during that time as well as all the women I’ve worked with over the last year, I’ve seen a pattern.

And that is that a lot of us are looking for the HOW…

HOW do I navigate the male dominated company I work with to get the jobs I want AND the pay I deserve?

And when we know the how… We freeze.

Because for a lot of us, the strategy to gett o the top goes against every thing we’ve been taught NOT to do in school, in our families, by society and by pop culture.

While all the men around us have learned the same thing and react when they see women behaving differently (hello, unconscious bias!).

I get it. I’ve been there.

Which of these blocks have been holding you back from reaching the next level in your career?

  1. Time… I seems like your life is living you rather than the other way around and you end up working reactively, not helping your career at ALL.
  2. Procrastination… Because watching the newest season of the Bachelor is many times more fun than cringing while updating your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Self-doubt… You’ve thought about talking to your boss about that next step, but you secretly wonder if you’re really ready and worry about being able to handle the work on a more senior level.
  4. Overwhelm… As soon as you start googling what it takes to move up in your career the 111,063,487 Google results that come up just don’t help.

If any or all of these are holding you back, that’s totally normal.

We have this idea that the career climb (especially for women!) is long, hard and miserable and requires us to put in long hours and go to awkward networking events where we have to suck up to people we don’t even like…

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you feel stuck and overwhelmed over how to move forward in your career, you just haven’t had the right system in place letting you get to that next step not only once, but over and over in your future.

When you have these strategies in place and start working them, amazing things will start to happen…

Cracking The Career Code is a 3 month coaching program to help you make progress and gain momentum towards your career goals.

Not even sure what they are? That’s fine. We’ll work on that, too!

I’m here to guide through the journey you’re about to take in your specific company and industry.

By the end of this program you can expect to:








  • To be strategic about their career
  • To learn how to have a balanced approach to work/private life to ensure that they can last a long time
  • To set out a direction they can evaluate future career decisions against
  • To feel more confident when communicating in big groups
  • To be crystal clear on where they stand in their organizations
  • To work on how to get more recognition for the work they do and gain more influence
  • To get help on planning their next career move
  • To start “having coffees and introducing themselves”, but don’t know where to start
  • To believe in themselves and dare to take those leaps
  • To seriously take their career to the next level
  • To achieve ambitious goals that frighten them and not just sit around thinking about them
  • To prepare for a heavy salary negotiation
  • To progress faster and stop feeling like they’re just “doing a job”
  • To ensure that moving forward, my job(s) are strategic and all are part of brining me towards I want to go
  • To learn how to empower themselves and keep being focused
  • To be challenged and get uncomfortable
  • To believe they can do anything I want
  • To utilize their strengths to create a career they’re passionate about
  • To push to be at their best and reach their maximum potential in their careers in the most efficient way possible
  • To make sure that whatever it is they put out there, whether in effort or in achievement, is matched by the right growth in title and salary


  • You let your inner critique stop you to push for your ambitious goals 
  • You allot time for your career dream, but you feel like what you’re doing isn’t very focused
  • Your job is getting more and more stressful and you’re looking for tools to manage that before you get burned out
  • You want to make sure you have a good platform to succeed
  • You want to stop this voice in your head thinking of feeling undervalued
  • You want to be seen as an expert in something
  • You want more responsibility, to manage a team and to work at a company you believe in
  • You want to have a really good compensation package
  • You struggle to consolidate your wide background experience and deciding on a more narrow focus moving forward
  • You worry about what others might think of you at work
  • You’re sick of your constant indecisiveness
  • You don’t have clarity on your next career step and you’ve been stuck in that space for over a year
  • You want to keep up your momentum despite discouragements, limitations, and setbacks
  • You wonder what level your next role should be on
  • You want to get more money out of all the hard work you put in
  • You want to define a roadmap for your career, but you don’t even know where to begin
  • You want to know what role and responsibility to look for in your next step in order to reach your long term plan to become a CEO
  • You want to know what you can do and change to get higher up in your  organization and to learn more about “the game”


“Having been here herself, Anna gets where I want to go and she knows what I need to do to get there.

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of insecurities I had. I feel a lot less fear and I’m more assertive.

She helped me through a negotiation process where I feel like I didn’t deserve the money I was planning on asking for. Now there is no doubt in my mind. Getting to that point mentally to know that I’m worth it and that I can ask for. It was a life changer.”

-Elianne, 28, Manager in a start-up

“I researched quite a few career coaches before deciding to work with Anna. I was drawn to her no-nonsense, action focused approach as well as her having a real business background compared to others coming from HR or psychology.

“I’m super enjoying the bootcamp. And I think I’m way ahead of where I thought I would be when I signed up. I’ve had conversations I never thought I would have. And I’ve reached out to people I never would have approached before. Also I’m less apprehensive about meeting new people now.”

So how does it work?

Ready to chat and see if this is right for you?


“After this course, I am more assertive in discussions with managers, do not feel the need to back down, or talk less. I show clearly what I am good at (conscious bragging) in order to show my worth where I work. I also see more opportunities to get to where I want in more place”.

“Before I joined the Bootcamp, I felt stuck in my role and didn’t see any development opportunities. Now, I’ve a new belief in myself and new paths and opportunities ahead. I have a clear career goals and tools to help me get there!”

“I’m super enjoying the bootcamp. And I think I’m way ahead of where I thought I would be when I signed up. I’ve had conversations I never thought I would have. And I’ve reached out to people I never would have approached before. Also I’m less apprehensive about meeting new people now.”


Coaching is…

Coaching is for anyone who wants to focus on action.

Coaching is…

Coaching is for anyone who wants to focus on action.

About Anna Cosic

Hello! I’m a Career Strategist who has committed my life to help women navigated rise in the male-dominated corporate career landscape of media and technology that I spent so much time and energy to figure out.

I love working with women like you to help you succeed, no longer feeling lost or lonely.

I’ve been told my coaching and mentorship model is a mix of massive support and tough love… Because that’s what I needed back then and I think you do, too.

When I’m not coaching or hanging out on social media, I’m hanging out with my pugs, doing life with my 2 year old son or exploring my favorite city where I’m now fortunate enough to live, New York. OR (let’s be honest) watching Netflix.