Figure out your next career step and make it happen

I knew I wasn't in the right place, but felt very lost and confused about my next step. This program helped me be honest with myself so I could define what I *truly* wanted, understand that was holding me back and finally pursue the career path I truly desired.

-Diana, Leadership Advisor

There are a few reasons why we crave career clarity:

Where you are right now isn't working and when you look at the path ahead, it doesn't feel right

... you feel demotivated

... you're bored or overqualified - or overextended and struggling with Imposter Syndrome ... you're in a toxic work environment

Where you are right now is fine or even pretty good, but you know you could do better

... you could be making more money

... you could be growing more

... you could be making a bigger impact

You have goals and dreams that you want to make happen (or at least start planning for!)

... you want to pursue a different career path

... you want to start your own business

... you want to pursue your passion project(s)

You've gone through a change in your life that you want or need to adapt to

... you've had a baby or you're about to

... you're experiencing health challenges

... your priorities have changed

Or you've been reactive about your career so far and want to become more intentional about your path, so you can

... plan more long term about your professional development

... be more intentional about your personal brand and networking

... develop the confidence and tools to be successful

And you want to be holistic about it so it makes sense for all aspects of your life! But whatever you've tried, you're struggling to make it happen on your own...

If you can relate to any of the situations above and you're struggling to move forward on your own, I want you to know that you're not alone!

There are three reasons the vast majority of us find us in this place sooner or later.

#1: We've never been given the tools to learn HOW to get career clarity

  • We don't know how to figure out what truly motivates us
  • We never learned what we enjoy or what we're good at
  • Nobody taught us how to evaluate different paths or how to weigh them towards each other, including how to estimate if it's possible or worth it
  • They didn't teach us how to create a career plan or strategy to make it happen

#2: We don't believe in ourselves or what we want to achieve

  • We're afraid of failing and being judged
  • We doubt if we're capable to figure everything out or stick to our path
  • We get overwhelmed by information and well meaning advice

#3: The people around us we ask for advice aren't actually qualified to help us out, they:

  • Give advice based on their own experience, including their own drivers and fears
  • Haven't achieved what we want to achieve, so they don't actually know what they're talking about and how hard or unlikely it is to achieve our goals
  • Try to protect us and keep us safe, so they discourage us from taking anything mildly unconventional or risky

So we stay stuck and don't know how to move forward.

How do I know?

Hi! I'm Anna and I've made several big career and life changes: I've changed industries and continents, taken steps up, down and to the side, gone on a sabbatical and started my own business.

They've all been very different but have required the same thing from me over and over again:

  • Crystal clarity on what I wanted + why
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and external advice and judgement
  • Creating a road map to make it happen

But it wasn't always like that

I landed my dream job straight out of college and did really well for a few years. I had a great career progression, made good money and got to work on impactful projects.

There was just one problem: Everybody seemed to love my life but me.

And whenever I so much as hinted that I was dreaming of something else, people shut me down, which led me to feel guilty and ungrateful and believe that something was definitely wrong with me.

But the feeling didn't go away...

So I made the very scary and hard decision take a time-out in my career to allow myself to get real and honest about what I truly wanted and needed before embarking on the next career step.

And over the next 6 months, I tried different exercises, talked to dozens of people and did more Google searches than anyone could consider healthy and slowly came up with a new career direction.

12 months later, I had packed up everything I owned and moved from Norway to Singapore to embark on a new career journey in a new industry and part of the world.

I felt more motivated, fulfilled and alive than I had for years!

Over the years, I've made several big career transitions successfully:

2013: Changed industries (from media to technology) and continents (from Europe to Asia)

2015: Changed from an operational role to a HQ function

2016: Quit my job to move to New York City and go on (self-financed) parental leave

2018: Followed my dream of many years and started my own business

How would it feel to...

... Pivot into a new field or industry?

... Move to a different country to go on an adventure and explore a different culture?

... Pursue that life long goal or dream of writing a book, becoming a speaker or pursuing your passion project?

... Get serious about starting your own business?

... Make a career choice and path based in the things that you enjoy, are good at and makes you come alive?

It all starts with career clarity!


My tried and tested career clarity framework is a 3 month program that will help you work through the steps to gain career clarity, overcome mental blocks and limiting beliefs and have me there to support you every step of the way.

Who is it for?

Unfulfilled, stuck and unhappy high performers who want support to figure out their next career step and make it happen.

We'll do that by:

  • You get access to my framework Career Strategy Formula that will provide you with training videos and exercises for you to work through on your own time
  • Six 60 minute coaching calls with me to review your work, dig deeper and help you draw conclusions, while identifying and overcoming mental blocks, fears and limiting beliefs holding you back

What to expect by the end of the program:

  • Be crystal clear on what motivates you - and allow yourself to pursue that unapologetically
  • Feel confident in your abilities and qualifications as well what you enjoy doing - and build a career path on and around that
  • Have explored a few different career paths and chosen one based on your priorities - and believe it's possible for you
  • Have a plan to make it happen based on the most effective strategies - which you KNONW will get you there
  • Practiced and developed a toolbox to do this over and over again on your own!

The investment

$1,500/month x 3

Pay in full: $4,000 (save $500)

If you're ready to work with me, book a discovery call:

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My career had accidentally taken me to a place where I was comfortable but did not think what I was doing was interesting enough. I went from a job I did not like to another similar job and felt bad that I became more and more specialized in an area I did not want to work in and was afraid of getting stuck. How do you go from something you can to something you prefer when you do not really know what you want?
Anna helped me to process thoughts to be able to arrive at what I want and especially WHY, to then figure out what I am good at to be able to realize that there were aspects of my experience that were valuable even when I want to change tracks in my carrier.
Conversations with Anna gave me the confidence to understand and believe that I can contribute in areas other than my established path.
She pushed me to dare to apply for a job in a completely different industry and helped me with how to present myself and what I should press to succeed during the interviews. This has resulted in me now working on something I really enjoy!

— Ewelina, Senior Finance Manager

Ready to figure out your next career step and make it happen?