Is this you?

You're ready for your next career step, but...

... you're not moving forward, since you're not sure what you want

... you know what you want, but wonder if you're qualified or if it's possible

... you don't know how to make it happen

... you're struggling to get started

Or you've been applying for jobs, but...

... what you're doing isn't leading to interviews or job offers

... you're doubting if you're on the right path, even if you've had some success

... the rejection or lack of response is impacting your motivation and confidence

... you know you could be presenting yourself in a clearer and more confident way

... you're struggling to stick to the job search process and keep having to start over

Or you're in an organization where you see yourself long-term and want to get promoted and get a raise, but...

... your performance review didn't go the way you had hoped

... you just got passed over for a promotion

... you were denied a raise or it was less than you hoped for

... you were told you need to step up your game, but not how

Hi! I'm Anna.

I've personally experienced every single thing listed above.

And I know how hard it can be to feel like you're in the wrong place and not know how or managing to proceed.

The good news is I can help! I've spent the past 13 years observing, testing, analyzing tactics and strategies and I've figured out what works!

And I've shared them with hundreds of others who have also been able to make positive changes in their lives and careers.

If you're looking for career clarity, I can help you...

  • Review the drivers behind your current career path and choices you've made, in order to see if it was decided by others, driven by fear or if your priorities changed along the path
  • Uncover your values and mission - the pillars for fulfillment
  • Set your financial goals along with identifying what you could (and should) be earning
  • Identify your achievements, experience, skills and strengths and help you fully appreciate and own them to boost your confidence and minimize imposter syndrome
  • Get clear on what you truly enjoy doing - and what you don't! - and what you want to do more of in your future, so you can build a career path around that
  • Create a vision for what you want your next role to look and feel like - and what you're willing and able to commit to in the process - and a more long term one if you want
  • Identify fears and doubts holding you back and work through them one at a time, with the goal to minimize or fully eliminate them, including fear of failure or success, lack of self-trust, fear of judgment, getting overwhelmed by the "how", feeling like you're too old or too young, discomfort with uncertainty, not thinking it's possible, feeling like you don't deserve to be happy and successful, shame and self-judgment around what you uncover and for not pursuing it sooner

If you want to get a career plan or strategy in place, I can help you...

  • Clarify your long term career goal and your motivation behind it
  • Understand what it takes to get there by researching what people hiring in that space are looking for and what others who took that career path
  • Strengthen your personal brand so you're known for the right things
  • Grow and maintain your network so you're building relationships with people who can help you in the future - and will be happy to!
  • Create a professional development plan so you're building your resume in the right direction

If you're looking to get promoted, paid and praised, I can help you...

  • Create a realistic timeline based on the promotional cycles and timelines in your organization
  • Understand what it takes to succeed by establishing and validating what it looks like and how it’s measured in your unique role and organization and when you can realistically get promoted
  • Identify stakeholders and other key people who weigh in on the process
  • Establish arenas for you to interact with the people in charge of your career prospects
  • Craft a personal brand built on the associations you want people to have when they hear your name or think of you
  • Set up a development and communication plan with milestones to make it happen
  • Identify mental blocks, limiting beliefs or fears and work through them, as fear of visibility, feeling like this shouldn't be your responsibility or that your work should speak for itself, fear of bragging or feeling icky about promoting yourself, imposter syndrome, worthiness issues or procrastination

Personally, I can also help you...

  • Achieve better work/life balance
  • Navigate and redefine your personal relationships and the roles you play in them
  • Build confidence in your abilities to do well in your role and career so you can get rid of your Imposter Syndrome
  • Develop the mindset needed to be successful in your role and organization so you can stay motivated and act in accordance with your circumstances
  • Practice emotional distance so you're less affected by negativity, when things don't go as planned or when people don't act or behave the way you think they should
  • Identify, understand and change patterns and tendencies that hold you back in your career, like perfectionism, people-pleasing, the need to be liked, micromanaging, the urge to impress others, impatience, fear of failure, being reluctant to ask for help, wanting to avoid attention, not being able to say no, being uncomfortable with praise


Working together with me means designing a program tailored to what you want to achieve, where you are right now and what you want to focus on in order to get there.

I prefer to work in 4-month sprints, as that's the time frame it usually takes to create results, even if you can expect to see a difference after just the first call.

How it works:

1. If you're interested, you start with scheduling a 30-minute discovery call with me, where we get to know each other a little better by you telling me more about your current situation, your goals and dreams and what's holding you back from getting there on your own.

If I think I could help you, I'll share what working together would look like and we agree on what you want to have in place at the end of the 4-month sprint.

2. During our call (or after you've slept on it), if this feels like it's exactly what you've been looking for, we schedule our first call and I send you an electronic contract and invoice that you make sure to pay before our first call.

3. We have our first call and get to work!

4. We meet every two weeks for a 60-minute coaching call to reflect on your progress over the past two weeks, identify what's working or not and decide on new action items for the next two weeks.

5. Looking for urgent help and support? Sometimes we need help, support, reminders and someone to celebrate with, which is why I also offer text/voice message or email access so you never feel stuck or alone.

When I started working with Anna I had just been promoted into my first leadership role. I was super excited, knew exactly what kind of leader I wanted to be, and believed firmly in my leadership philosophy and my capabilities. But I was also nervous and second-guessing myself. What if I was wrong? What if the other managers thought my style was crazy? What if I couldn’t get my team to perform? Would I be able to do this my way or would I cave under peer pressure or a heavy workload? I began working with Anna because I wanted someone in my corner. Someone who could support me and keep me accountable and someone I could test my ideas on. I was a bit hesitant to make this investment in me but it’s one of the best decisions of my life. I got exactly the support I needed but I also got so much more. Anna is so experienced as a leader and a coach and apart from helping me stay the course with my leadership and succeeding in my new role, she’s also helped me take back control of my life, learn strategies and techniques to show up for myself and trust myself and much more. I highly recommend working with Anna. 

— Caroline, Head of Legal

The best part?

Your employer may be more than happy to make this investment for - and in - you.

As a high performer, they hired you because they believed you to be the best person for the job. And they want you to succeed.

Most companies have a budget allocated for professional development, like courses and conferences.

Over the past few years, more and more leaders and HR teams are realizing the benefits of allocating those funds not just towards learning new things but to get better at managing our day-to-day.

Also, your employer has a huge incentive to make sure you get the support you need since you underperforming, failing or quitting has a massive downside for them, as they would need to find a replacement...

One person leaving often leads to other people leaving and that's bad for employer branding and can make investors nervous...

So an investment in a support system for you is often a no-brainer with the right context!

Right now, you may already know that your boss would be 100% on board for you to get the support you need.

Or you may be hesitant - maybe you haven't been transparent about your situation or you don't trust your boss to see this from a perspective of growth.

That's OK!

Part of what I do is help you figure out if it would make sense to ask your employer for help and if so, how to present it so it comes from a place of empowerment.

If this sounds like what you've been looking for and you're ready to work with me, go ahead and book a call today:



How do you make sure we stay focused?

On our first call, I'll provide a success tracker in Google Docs that you own. It will help us stay focused on the calls as well as be something you can keep and look back on as documentation of the tools, strategies and mindset shifts you identified during our work together.

What happens if something unexpected comes up during our process?

This is more a rule than an exception - you get headhunted for a job, your company announces a reorg, your priorities shift. When that happens, we'll make sure to adapt our work to best support you and adjust our expectations in the process. That's life!

What happens after the sprint?

On our second to the last call of the 4-month sprint, we'll look back to review your progress and growth and discuss what's next for you. If you'd like continued support as you move into a new phase, we'll discuss what that looks like and if not, we wrap up and make sure you have a plan in place to continue on your own.

If this sounds like what you've been looking for and you're ready to work with me, go ahead and book a call today:

First time investing in yourself?

Now, I know that most of you have never invested in your career development and that the idea of it can feel uncomfortable and even decadent.

I used to believe that it was my employer’s job to invest in my career growth. I shouldn’t have to spend my hard-earned dollars on it.

I only understood the power of investing in myself when I started my business. I’d spent months trying to figure stuff out on my own, making little progress, and, for every week that passed, I was losing faith in myself and the idea that it was even possible.

And then, I signed up for a webinar much like this one where a business coach had packaged up everything she had learned over the years in a course and created the knowledge source she wished she had when she first started out.

I was intrigued by the idea of not having to reinvent the wheel but I had never before spent money on something like this.

But I decided that my dream was stronger than my fear and I decided to give it a go… Not only did it help me start my business in the next few weeks, but I also made back the full investment over the next few months. 

Looking back, it was the best investment I ever made.

Not just because of the results it helped me achieve, but the day I did it was the day I truly made the commitment to myself to go all in and make a positive change in my career.

To do it the best and most effective way I could. And to be a bit kinder to myself by letting go of the notion that I need to do everything on my own and take the help when it’s available.

If this sounds like something you'd like as well, book a discovery call with me here.

I was so relieved when I started working with Anna. I had worked with other coaches in the past, so I knew exactly what I did, and what I did not want from a coach. From day one Anna started showing me how I could maximize my professional development. She continues to remind me what my job’s job is which helps keep me on track and focused. Without Anna I could not have made it through my first few months in my organization as successfully as I did. She shows up to every session prepared, keeps track of initiatives and stays in almost daily contact with me. Her support is fully customized to my needs. If you are reluctant on making an investment in coaching, do not think twice about working with Anna!

— Brittney B., Executive Vice President