Spend your time and effort on what matters

Support your team to live up to its full potential

When I started working with Anna, I was constantly stressed out from managing a team of 34 in a start-up with constant problems popping up and no clear path to solve them.

By focusing on taking action on what would have the biggest impact in our coaching sessions, I became a better leader for my team, got more done and felt much more at ease at the end of the day.

 I would highly recommend Anna to anyone who wants to develop their leadership skills or become better at setting boundaries.

Hazelle, Customer Service Manager

If you're anything like the high performer clients I work with...

  • You know you're not spending your time and effort in the most effective way
  • You know your team has more to give, but you're not providing the direction and support to make that happen
  • You know you're not showing up the way that builds the respect and credibility you want and need on your level

But you also ...

  • Never seem to find the the time or energy to do, plan or communicate
  • Or if you do, you do it once, then forget or fall off
  • Get overwhelmed by what to prioritize

If this has been going on long enough, this might be:

Taking its toll on your physical health...

...giving you sleep issues, heart palpitations and eczema

Impacting your mental and emotional health in a negative way...

... like anxiety and a constant stream of repetitive, negative thoughts, most often directed towards what you don't think you're doing well enough, which drains your motivation and confidence.

Affecting your relationships at work...

...your team feels like you're not there for them and may be considering leaving

...you fight with your peers about who is responsible and should be doing more

... your boss is losing trust that you're able to handle the job

Your personal relationships may suffer...

... a resentful partner who feels like you're always working, never present, stressed out and in a bad mood while not doing your share at home

... kids who ask when you're going to put the laptop away and come play

... parents who ask why you never call them anymore or why you're always snapping at them

... your friends have stopped asking if you want to meet up after one too many no's or the fact that you're always on your phone anyway

You tell others and yourself that it's going to get better soon, but when you look back, you realize you've been saying that for a while now.

And when you look ahead and allow yourself to get honest with yourself, you know deep inside that nothing will change...

If you don't create the change.

If this is you, don't feel bad - I want you to know you're in good company! All of this is actually especially common for a lot of high performers who have achieved this level of career success.

So why do so many of us end up here?

There are a few reasons:

1. We don't know what we should be prioritizing

In fast moving environments, it's not uncommon to have a lack of strategy, for it to be unclear how it's connected to your department or for priorities to change faster than they're communicated. Without a clear destination and agreed road to get there, it's impossible for us to truly prioritize.

2. We're not aware of how we get in our own (and others'!) way

If we look at our current work situation and see that there is room for improvement, a change in our actions is the key to achieving that. For anyone committed to peak performance and effective leadership, that all starts with the heightened awareness of our own behaviors and how they enable growth - or sabotage it. Most of us don't operate in an open feedback culture or know how to receive and act on it. And so, nothing changes.

3. We're not creating the time and space to look up, reflect, review and plan

When we get to a certain level, we could be working 24/7 and there would still be more to do. And even if we have clear priorities in place and are aware of our growth areas, it's very easy to get caught up in the reactive work and get buried under requests and incoming emails, calls and questions. And what we don't make space for, doesn't happen.

And so time passes and nothing changes...

I've been there!

I'm Anna. I was a media and tech executive who managed big teams and budgets under impossible conditions and crushing expectations - often while being the only woman in the room.

I know what it's like to wake up and feel like making it until the end of the day is an accomplishment.

To want to be successful and believe that this is just the way it is to have a high pressure, high visibility job but somewhere thinking that there must be a better way...

I've spent the past 13 years obsessing about what it takes to be successful in big roles without letting consume us.

And at this level, it's complex! No quick tips or strategies are enough.

But for me, what I learned, overcame and implemented led me to spend my time and effort on the things that actually moved the needle on the business, which made my team happier and more successful and gained the trust and respect from my CEO, board members and investors.

How would it feel to...

  • Create amazing and impressive results through and together with your team
  • Show up as the leader you always wanted to be
  • Have time and energy for the things outside of work that matter and makes you feel alive
  • Feel confident in yourself and your approach

When I landed my first leadership role, I knew I wanted to lead in a way that was different than I was used to - putting people first and trusting great results would follow. Knowing that Anna stood for and had managed to execute the same type of leadership for years led me to hiring her as my coach. She helped me stand my ground and trust my instincts as well as provide tips and strategies on this new level. Her support was priceless and a complete game changer!

— Caroline, Head of Legal


A high touch program for C-level executives, start-up founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and consultants who want to improve their performance and leadership through a tailored approach.

Working together, you're essentially getting me as a business partner. I like to define 2-3 growth areas to focus on, but I'm here to help you navigate and tackle anything that comes up during our time working together.

Strategically and tactically, I can help you...

>> Develop habits and systems to stay focused and work on what will move the needle in the business

>> Create results through others by developing your team through tools to build, challenge and motivate them

>> Build credibility for you and your team across the organization

>> Communicate and act in a way that builds trust and confidence so you're perceived as the competent, strategic leader you are

>> Manage expectations towards all stakeholders around you and handle conflicting priorities

>> Navigate politics

>> Build a strong and transparent relationship with the most important person in your career - your boss

>> Handle intercultural situations and interactions

Personally, I can also help you...

>> Achieve better work/life balance

>> Navigate and potentially redefine your relationships and the roles you play in them

>> Build confidence in your abilities to do well in your role and career

>> Develop the necessary mindset to be successful in your role and organization so you can stay motivated and not take things personally

>> Identify, understand and change patterns and tendencies that hold you back in your career, like perfectionism, people pleasing, the need to be liked, micro managing, the urge to impress others, impatience, fear of failure, being reluctant to ask for help, wanting to avoid attention, not being able to say no, being uncomfortable with praise

Working with Anna brought so many positive changes in my career and life. I've learned so much from her coaching, and just by observing how she was leading and inspiring our team everyday. She helped me improve my leadership skills, way of solving problems, and even my personal habits. My time working with her is by far the most important and meaningful training I've ever had.

— Dana, Product Manager

This is what working together looks like:

  • We start with a kick-off call, where we identify 2-3 areas that are causing the most stress and slowing down momentum in your work and define actions so you can start creating change.
  • Bi-weekly 60 minute coaching, where we follow up on your progress over the past two weeks and reflect on what worked (or not), setting up systems for you to keep doing what is working or brainstorm new approaches you can try over the next two weeks. I'll pull from my own experience in executive roles, not to mention my experience coaching other high performers in high pressure roles
  • Personal feedback and support in between calls via email or text messages: I'm always available for quick check-ins, questions, thoughts, feedback or celebrating wins.

The investment

$1,500 per month

$5,000 pay in full for 4 months (save $1,000)

The best part?

Your employer may be more than happy to make this investment for - and in - you.

As a high performer, they hired you because they believed you to be the best person for the job. And they want you to succeed.

Most companies have a budget allocated for professional development, like courses and conferences.

Over the past few years, more and more leaders and HR teams are realizing the benefits of allocating those funds not just towards learning new things, but to get better at managing our day-to-day.

Also, your employer has huge incentive to make sure you get the support you need since you underperforming, failing or quitting has a massive downside for them, as they would need to find a replacement...

One person leaving often leads to other people leaving and that's bad for employer branding and can make investors nervous...

So an investment in a support system for you is often a no-brainer with the right context!

Right now, you may already know that your boss would be 100% on board for you to get the support you need.

Or you may be hesitant - maybe you haven't been transparent about your situation or you don't trust your boss to see this from a perspective of growth.

That's OK!

Part of what I do is help you figure out if it would make sense to ask your employer for help and if so, how to present it so it comes from a place of empowerment.

If this sounds like what you've been looking for and you're ready to work with me, go ahead and book a call today: