Achieve the career success you deserve while upholding the life want.

So you can feel like you're winning in all areas of life.

Welcome to the RISE Mastermind.

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Take your career to the next level.

At this point, you're 10-20 years into your career and you've achieved some success in the form of promotions, wins or bonuses.

... But you've gotten to a point where what you're doing isn't working, doesn't feel right or isn't motivating you anymore

... Or maybe it is, but it requires too much of your time, energy and effort to be sustainable (hello, road to burn-out!)

... You struggle with self-doubt, fears, second guessing yourself and imposter syndrome

...While somewhere deep down you also know that you're smart, good at what you do and believe you can do great things when you put your mind to it

... You kind of know what you could do more of or better, but you just never get around to getting it done.

It's frustrating know that you want and deserve more, but not knowing what it takes to make it happen for you!

That's why I created RISE!

So you can...

  • Learn a proven system to help you achieve your work and career goals over and over again and have the support to implement it
  • Feel more confident about your capabilities than ever before
  • Overcome your doubts and fears once and for all
  • Be surrounded by a group of like-minded women who will inspire and celebrate you every step of the way

If you're ready to make a change and you're curious to see if the RISE is for you, go ahead and book a call today:

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I'm currently enrolling new participants into the next coaching group. When you click the button above, you'll get a chance to schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me to see if RISE is a good fit for you.

When you're ready to get the support the actually works!

If you're like the women I work with (and like me too!), you've spent a lot of time thinking about this.

Maybe you've read Lean In and How Women Rise, had a mentor (or thought about getting one!), listen to podcasts and are part of your company's women's program.

The problem is, there is only so much we can do in our mind... It's not until we start taking action that we'll learn what works for us and our unique situation.

That's what RISE is for. We're ready to help you start taking action so you can start seeing the results you crave.

What you can expect professionally at the end of the program:

  • Have a realistic timeline based on the promotional cycles and timelines in your organization
  • Be aware of behaviors and mindsets that you want to leave behind and identify the new version of yourself that is required for you to be successful in this role - and make sure you don't fall into old thought and behavioral patterns as you get started
  • Understand what it takes to succeed by establishing and validating what it looks like and how it’s measured in your unique role and organization and when you can really get promoted
  • Identified stakeholders and other key people who weigh in on the process
  • Established arenas for you to interact with the people in charge of your career prospects
  • Crafted a personal brand built on the associations you want people to have when they see you, hear your name or think of you
  • Set up a development and communication plan with milestones to make it happen
  • Identified mental blocks, limiting beliefs or fears and worked through them, such as fear of visibility, feeling like this shouldn't be your responsibility or that your work should speak for itself, fear of bragging or feeling icky about promoting yourself, imposter syndrome, worthiness issues or procrastination

What you can expect at the end of the program in your personal life:

  • Achieved better work/life balance
  • Successfully navigated and redefined your relationships and the roles you play in them
  • Built confidence in your abilities to do well in your role and career and minimized or fully got rid of your Imposter Syndrome
  • Developed the mindset needed to be successful in your role and organization so you can stay motivated and act per your circumstances
  • Learned to practice emotional distance so you're less affected by negativity, when things don't go as planned or when people don't act or behave the way you think they should
  • Identified, understood and changed patterns and tendencies that hold you back in your career, like perfectionism, people-pleasing, the need to be liked, micromanaging, the urge to impress others, impatience, fear of failure, being reluctant to ask for help, wanting to avoid attention, not being able to say no, being uncomfortable with praise

If this sounds like what you've been missing in your career development, go ahead and book a call with me today:

I'm currently enrolling new participants into the next coaching group. When you click the button above, you'll get a chance to schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me to see if RISE is a good fit for you.

Ready for results like these?

"I got offered a promotion to Senior Manager and my confidence has increased dramatically."

- Shara, Accounting, UT

"I nailed my 90-day review and was asked to get more involved in high-level work, while upholding the work/life balance I want."

- Lauren, Non-profit mental health, NYC

"I was finally promoted to Director and know what it takes and feel excited about getting to Senior Director next."

- Frances, Retail, OR

How it works:

Onboarding call with Anna

At the start of the program, I'll host a 60-minute session walking through all the mechanics of ensuring you get the most out of your time and effort.

1:1 Kick-off call with Anna

There is power in commitment, which is why you'll get a 1:1 call with me where we get clear on what it is you want to achieve and what you need to ensure to set yourself up for success personally.

Monthly Success Strategy

Every month, we'll work through one of the six strategies of my success framework:

Success in Your Role, Your Time & Energy, Your Confidence, Your Personal Brand, Your Power to Influence, Your Money

Live trainings and workshops

Every month, we'll implement the theme in live trainings and workshops.

Online access to recordings and worksheets

Can't make it live or want to watch again? No worries! All trainings will be uploaded to my membership platform that you'll have lifetime access to.

Bi-weekly group coaching calls with Anna

Every other week, I'll be hosting group coaching calls where you get the opportunity to get support, whether it's overcoming mental blocks, sound boarding, strategizing, getting feedback, or working through limiting beliefs.

Accountability, feedback and community

You'll be invited to join our Slack group where you'll get daily access to prompts, accountability, feedback, support, Q&A, and community.

Guest speakers and peer learning

I'm thrilled to invite women from this community into the RISE Mastermind to share their stories as inspiration and run workshops on their topic of expertise.

Here's what you're not going to do:

  • No sleazy corporate politics
  • No pretending to be a guy
  • No working more or longer hours
  • No going against your personal values
  • No dead end networking events
  • No going back to school to get a degree or certificates
  • No sucking up

So what are you going to do? Create true value in your role, get appreciated and get paid what you deserve by using a methodology that feels empowering and exciting. Book a call with me and learn how.

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I'm currently enrolling new participants into the next coaching group. When you click the button above, you'll get a chance to schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me to see if RISE is a good fit for you.

RISE is a good fit for you if...

You're in an organization where you see yourself long-term and want to get promoted and get a raise, but...

... your performance review didn't go the way you had hoped

... you just got passed over for a promotion

... you were denied a raise or it was less than you hoped for

... you were told you need to step up your game, but not how

You've been in your role for a while, but...

... you're not living up to expectations or delivering results

... you know you're not spending your time and effort in the most effective way

... you know you could be managing your team in a better way

... you know you're not acting or communicating the way you need to to get the respect and attention required to succeed

In your personal life, you...

... have a hard time disconnecting from work physically, mentally and emotionally

... are demotivated, tired and often in a bad mood

... are not getting the sleep, exercise and nutrition you want

... don't have time for the things you enjoy, like hobbies and friends

... want to find your way back to things that made you feel excited, energized and alive

... want to be more present with your partner, kids and others you care about

This is the community you didn't know you wanted

The current members of RISE are experienced, successful women in a range of industries:

  • Senior Project Lead, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Principal Product Manager, Computer Technology
  • Head of Product, Online Classifieds
  • Senior Business Development Manager, Environmental Services
  • Senior Program Manager, Healthcare
  • Associate Director, Biotech Research
  • Head of Digital, Food and Bev Services
  • Enterprise Analyst, Insurance
  • Senior IT Business Systems Analyst, Healthcare
  • ...and more

About Anna

I'm a former media and tech executive turned Career and Leadership coach.

My advice on how women can succeed in their careers has been featured in ELLE, Business Insider and Thrive Global.

I've led, mentored and coached hundreds of women towards success and happiness.

I grew up in Sweden, but call Brooklyn, New York home, where I live with my husband, five-year-old son and two pugs, Igor and Doris.

Ready to take the next step?

Book a call

I'm currently enrolling new participants into the next coaching group. When you click the button above, you'll get a chance to schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me to see if RISE is a good fit for you.


How much time will this require from me?

The program is designed for you to be able to be able to do most of the work "on the job". But you should be able to dedicate 2 hours per week to watching trainings, engaging in the group and joining the calls. Finally, based on my experience, your success will be directly related to how much time and space you allocate for reflections - THAT is where the real transformation happens.

How do the coaching calls work?

I'll allocate 60 minutes for the calls. You show up and we'll take turns getting hot seat coaching.

Is 1:1 coaching a better fit for me?

That depends! 1:1 coaching is better suited for anyone who feels like they have most of the concepts I teach and share in RISE in place and are looking for more intimate and frequent support from me at a significantly higher investment level. We can figure that out on our discovery call.