Performance & Leadership Coach for High Performers

(yup, that includes you Type As, perfectionists and overachievers)

Because we need a different kind of support than others do


As high performers, we dream of being successful and living up to our full potential.

Our strong drive, work ethic and genuine willingness to help are key factors for us to achieve our goals.

But during the times when things don't go our way, our biggest strengths tend to become our greatest weaknesses:

When it's time to figure out our next career step...

... we hold ourselves back from dreaming into what we actually want, resist moving away from our current career path (even if it's making us miserable or sick) and get paralyzed by our fears and self-doubt.

When we start looking and applying for new jobs...

... we hate feeling like we don't master the process, take rejection very hard and struggle to even make time for the job search process, since we're so deeply committed to our current job and everything else in our lives, that we tend to put our own goals, dreams and needs last.

When we start a new job...

... our speed, natural enthusiasm and eagerness to prove ourselves can lead us to skip critical steps while onboarding in new company cultures, fields or industries, missing out on building the foundation that will allow us to live up to our full potential in our role and organization.

When we take on bigger roles with more responsibilities...

... we keep working in the same way we've always done - being the hardest worker in the room, always saying yes and hoping our work will speak for itself, instead of consciously evolving into the version of ourselves required in order to succeed on this new level.

And our independence and ability to figure things out on our own make it extra hard for us to admit when we're at a dead end on top of having a hard time asking for help...

Which often leads us straight down into our special version of hell - a place where we feel like failures, where our Imposter Syndrome thrives and where our negative self-talk just never seems to stop. 

What if there was a way to get out of it in a way that made you feel supported without being judged?

Hi! I'm Anna and I'm on a mission to help high performers achieve success and happiness in their careers - without burning out or sacrificing who they are.

My vision is for every high performer who wants to get more out of life, make a bigger, more positive impact in their work and be better leaders to have the right tools, strategies and support to achieve that, so they can live up to their full potential and bring everyone around them along on the journey - professionally and personally.

Because I believe there are so many high performers out there holding themselves back who are ready to become the leaders, develop the solutions and share the stories needed to create positive change in the world - while living great lives.