Welcome! I’m Anna

I help busy, ambitious women like you move up in their careers

by helping them understand the rules of the game and supporting them to push through their fears and self-doubt

so they can achieve more, earn more and have more of whatever it is they dream of.

Right now, I’m guessing that:

… You work hard and always deliver, but you don’t feel like it’s reflected in your salary and bonus

… You know that it’s time to move on, but you’re not sure how high to aim

… You have a long term career goal, but you don’t know what the next step is to get there

… You don’t feel like you have any big wins in this role to put on your resume

… You see others advancing and it seems like they’re doing something you’re not, but you don’t know what that is

… You’re trying to move up in a man’s world and you sometimes doubt if it’s even worth it

I’ve felt the same many times over.

After years and years of struggling with these same questions and without any available solutions, I developed a framework to address the five pillars that an amazing career is built on and have since used it myself to propel my career upwards and onwards, landing me regular promotions, amazing raises, full bonus pay-outs and an international opportunity halfway across the world and to coach other women to get the same results.

So, how did I get here?

This is my story.

Even as a child, I dreamed of being an international business woman. What this woman actually did in her job was of less importance to me, I just knew I had to get there. I envisioned myself in a cosmopolitan European city, wearing a pantsuit and a stylish, yet enormous cell phone in hand (hey! I’m pre-millennial).

The daughter of two engineer CEOs, ambition, hard work and busyness was all I knew.

When I landed my dream job for Scandinavia’s biggest media company straight out of college, the climb began.

I did what I had always done – I worked harder and faster than everybody else, came up with ideas and solutions for my managers, went out for drinks after work and rarely said no to help on a project or a committee.

And the promotions followed. I got record breaking raises and always got full bonus payouts. Head hunters started calling, but I loved my job!

After years of fast paced work in operational roles in the struggling news industry, I started to feel burned out. After a health scare, it was painful (read: for my ego) to realize that I had to take a step back.

Around this time, I started carefully studying successful people (men…) around me and became obsessed with cracking the code of how they handled it all. They landed the right jobs, seemed to bathe in cash, never seemed rushed or out of their depth and were chummy with the right people…

A few months into my new role (and research/semi-stalking!), my health had improved and I was hungering for the pulse of high pressure work and new adventures.

I started looking for international opportunities and after some highly unconventional job hunting, I got a job offer in Singapore.

I said yes even though it was a step down in both title and in pay.

With my new career hacking insights in mind, I started the climb again. And guess what?

Only five months later I was asked to lead an international start-up.

I had a large team, worked across 12 time zones and managed risk capital investments (a responsibility that occasionally kept my mind buzzing all night), while still feeling like I had more to give at the end of the day. And plenty of time and energy to plan for and act on the next steps!

But to be clear, the journey between figuring out what I needed to start doing and actually doing it comfortably and well was not easy.

Having the information was one thing.

Overcoming my fears of rejection, my self-doubt, the unavoidable awkwardness and 100 other feelings I would rather avoid was a completely different ball game.

Especially since I did it all alone, without anyone around me who had struggled with these things herself or figured out how to get to the top.

Over these almost 10 years, I developed a unique framework for getting promoted over and over again, impressive raises and always a full bonus pay-out – without working 24/7 or sacrificing my health. I started to share my insights and ahas with friends and moved on to use it when coaching my team members.

Seeing others thrive and reach new heights in their careers was so fulfilling to me that I eventually left my company and to start up my own business.

Today I use the same framework to help busy, ambitious women like you move up in their careers!

Being able to articulate my vision was such a milestone for me that things fell into place right after that. I'm more aware of my tasks and actions, categorizing them whether they'll get me into my next career step or not, leading to better prioritization. I no longer approach networking with dread, but see them as opportunities to bolster the foundation for my vision.

Kax, Barcelona Product Manager

I can help you if….

  • You’re looking for a coach to tell you what to do so you can finally get unstuck on second guessing what you should be focusing on and start taking action
  • You want a mentor to be part of your journey who has been through the exact same situations you find yourself in every day and share what she did to succeed
  • You want advice and action steps based on what has worked for other women


Oh, you want more?

  • I was born in Sweden, but I’ve spent my life studying, working and living on four continents. I am in my happy place when at an airport and I think wi-fi on airplanes should be illegal.
  • I have lived in 9 countries on 4 continents.
  • I’ve done everything from working at a photo agency in Norway to being country manager of the Philippines for an international start-up. I love working in fast paced environments where change is the only constant. I have also learned that the opposite of a start-up is a shut down and that it happens to the majority of them.
  • My ambitions have always had to be balanced with my family. I have two pugs that have always served as an anchor while travelling the world for work. Because let’s be honest – you can always FaceTime your partner, but you actually have to fly home for dog cuddles!

Official Bio

Anna Cosic is a Career and Leadership Coach who works with women to advance their careers.

Anna spent almost 10 years climbing (and figuring out who makes it to the top of) the career ladder, holding several executive positions while managing big teams and budgets alongside her male colleagues before starting her coaching business.

She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, toddler son and two pugs, Igor and Doris.